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LILIA Events
logo and identity

is a luxury event planner based in KSA, specializes in ambitious, bespoke themed events, where they work with their clients to design and hand-make everything from table decorations and invitations to wedding dresses and guest costumes.

The main goal of “Lilia” is to be the first and only option for their clients who seek luxury services that provided their clients with a totally different experience from what they are used to. that’s why we wanted the brand to feel world-class whilst retaining Lilia’s unique sense of individuality.

So with the intention of elevating experience, I worked with the team of “Lilia” to develop a logo & brand identity that would match the quality of its services and establish a stronger connection with the target audience, from the initial logo design through to the stationery and layouts, I delivered a luxurious brand identity that reflects the establishments’ charismatic look and feels.

What’s Unique?
An event is a point at which everything most important happens. Communication, meetings, summing up, or the beginning of a new path. This is the moment in which life is flourishing here and now. Moving forward with this simple idea, we developed an identity based on a beautiful variation of main elements in every event to create an ornate yet simple mark that can be used on different scales.

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